Sunday, March 12, 2017

Dreadlocks, fashion or spiritual

Question: Is it ok to have dreadlocks as a fashion statement instead of for spiritual reasons?

There is a common debate about the value of dreadlocks. Many see locks as a symbol of heritage, while others see it as a symbol of trend. This trend has been growing over the past 8 years. During this period of time, it was hard to find resources or videos that educated viewers about taking care of their locks and naps. Today, there are several publications and websites dedicated to natural hair care.
As the market expands and social connection deteriorates,  another form of division has been developing within the dreadlock community, due to a clash of individual beliefs or integrity. This clash of differences has generated from the purpose or reasons behind growing locks. Whereas some people grow their dreadlocks for looks, where others grow their dreadlocks for spiritual reasons... The hair corporations have become the influence to inspire another group of individuals, who don't grow dreadlocks at all… instead this alternative group simply purchases them.
Question: If an individual asked you if they could purchase your locks, would you consider the request to be acceptable behavior or perverse? I ask because it has become a trend within the hair industry. There are businesses throughout the world, that have been established on the concept of pawning people’s locks… particularly locks grown from nappy hair. Meanwhile, there is also a trend of individuals giving offers to individuals who have locked their hair. Similar, to the already existing behavior of wealthy couples offering to purchase children from poor families. The spiritual process of growing ones locks, has become a market of profit and status. The sacred worth behind the cause and the process, has become trivial to popular civilization. 
As always, I want to understand the why behind an action…. But before understanding this boom in popularity of locks, it is important to have a clear understanding of the history.

Brief History of Dreadlocks

Since the beginning of human history,  well before the tribes of the Caucasus  Mountains returned to the valley, people wore locks. There are images and statues of early civilizations around the world, that demonstrates the legacy of dreadlocks. In addition to these ancient works,  many ancient gods and goddess wore a crown of locks to demonstrate their power, legacy and wisdom. The peasants who worshipped these gods, did their outmost to mimic their Godly image as mortals.
As it was discussed in previous articles,  African hair, in the days of our ancestors, was tried as though spirits dwelt in it. In ancient tribes, only the anointed had the right to touch someone’s hair. The practice behind creating a unique hairstyle, was valued as a religious practice adorned by the gods.  Therefore, the growth of hair, particularly in locks, was a sacred symbol of blessings, wisdom and strength. 

Thus, it is not surprising that at some point in time , all nations wore locks.
But as time progressed, the views of society changed. And where others quickly dismissed the image of dreadlocks as barbaric, there were still many who held to the spiritual practice of their ancestors, even though the full reason was forgotten.

As the westernized civilization developed, those who continue to wear locks endured centuries of social change, accusations,  isolation and cruelty for growing their crown. The symbol of the locks became a symbol of rebellion, freedom, strength and knowledge, many of those who kept to the practices of their ancestors, were the ones who led nations into freedom from the oppressor. And as time continued to progress, the meaning behind the image changed again, as it represented specific religions, such as Rastafarianism. Thus, the value of its meaning remained sacred, until our current generation.

Back to current day

Expression, is indeed the property of the creator who expresses themselves.
Though expression is a source of freedom, the expressional practice can be either fulfilling or empty.
In association with the traditional image, there has been a development of  superficial representation of dreadlocks. These sub cultures have inherited the locked looks, to demonstrate that they are in connection with the Rastafarian nation, however, their overall integrity, lifestyle, mindset and personal agenda counters the beliefs they claim to follow. Many of these individuals use dreadlocks as a way to symbolize their “street life” or use of illegal substances. And have unfortunately,  created a bad reputation for individuals with locks with a constructive lifestyle.
Expression is free, but expression at the expense of others is costly.

In the original question, is it ok to have dreadlocks as a fashion statement instead of for spiritual reasons?

I believe that any fashion statement that has been adopted from strong roots or religious sources, should be adopted with the awareness that you are still (even if indirectly) representing a community of peoples. Therefore, an adoption of a religious practice as a trend, should be treated as a change of personal lifestyle or self-respect,  in order to keep universal integrity.


How do you feel about people requesting to buy another's locks? How do you feel about people purchasing other's locks? How do you feel about people attaching other's locks, to "quickly" grow their's?

Thursday, November 24, 2016

H2O 30 Day Challenge

I am not sure if you have noticed but we as a society tend to overcomplicate the simplest solutions. One of the biggest epidemics in the Natural Hair & Body care industries, is hair loss and acne.

We spend thousands of dollars in our lifetime, buying more products that contain more chemicals, which make the situation worse... not better. This may sound odd but if you struggle from Acne or premature Hair loss, consider changing your water for your daily beauty routines.

Tap water contains a lot of toxins that are very harmful to the body (including fluoride); and as we examined in previous articles, your skin absorbs foreign substances into your blood stream. When you take a bath, wash your face or brush your teeth, the toxins of the tap water is being absorbed into your blood stream.

The result of this is that your body becomes stressed from trying to rid itself of excess toxins. Meanwhile, your skin begins to give you warning signs that something is wrong. When something is off inside of your body, your skin is typically will be the first warning sign of what is wrong. So when you develop acne, blemishes, dry skin, premature balding... your skin is trying to let you know that something is off.

** Side note: Your hair and skin are the last areas to receive nutrients once your body absorbs it. So when you eat low nutrious foods, there is not enough nutrients in the body that can be sent to your skin or hair follicles.

Scientists have discovered that the process of producing distilled water is healthier than other types of water, to where they recommend using distilled water for newborn babies. It may seem expensive, but it really is not, a gallon of distilled water is only $0.89. We may not be able to change ALL of our water usage habits, but try to change as much as you can. The less you rely on tap water, the better.

By using distilled water, you are investing on your health. AND practicing "saving water" techniques. So take the "change the water" challenge for 30 days.... Its a win/win. While you are taking this challenge, write down the changes in a daily journal. You will be surprised in the outcome of the results of this lifestyle change.

Let me know if you tried the 30 Day challenge, I would love to hear your feedback.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Why Are KMT People More Prone to Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

Why Are KMT People More Prone to Diabetes & High Blood Pressure

Growing up, it was not uncommon that I would hear from my elders about how it was important to live and eat healthy. How it was important to do certain things, or else I will end up with high blood pressure and/or diabetes because it runs in the family?

My story is not a rare case, I have come across many of my peers who have grown up thinking the same things. As a child, my response would be "how do I avoid it?" and my family's response is "Oh, dear child more than likely you will have it as it is unavoidable, it is in your genetics..."

So far... I am not there (knock on wood) but I had always wondered "why" it was meant to be this way. Naïve, I would go to my doctors hoping that they could answer me the question of "why" but alas they would also fill my head with doom, as this fate was "unavoidable."

Over the years, I have pieced together the missing clues of this answer to the "why." But only recently did all these clues make any sense. And today, I am going to share with you my enlightenment of the "why."


Let's start with understanding the DNA and the role of our ancestors.

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) carries the information of our existence. In DNA, lies the codes given to our cells, to develop our very being. The DNA is built with 2 main strains that are able to be detected by microscope. However, the actual lay out of the DNA is extremely complex, with additional layers, after layers, after layers (until infinity) that create the genetic make up of a single human being.

Within DNA also lies the famous chromosomes, which determines the coding of the being to be a specific gender... a code (might I add) that can never be altered.

Within DNA, is also RNA. RNA is the strains of DNA that western science has deemed to be useless. However, RNA plays a huge role in the construction of our entire existence and being.

The RNA holds the map and the keys to unlocking the mysteries behind the DNA. The RNA holds the frequencies that had been played out throughout the existence of your entire linage. In other words, the feelings, the actions, the characteristics, the memories (and so on) of your direct line of ancestors, is embedded into the structure of your entirety.

Yuya T. Assaan-ANU (author of 'Grasping the Root of Divine Power')  had written that not every one who descends from KMT is considered your ancestor. He wrote these words shortly after explaining how he discovered that the descendants of KMT in America are so quick to claim late celebrities as their ancestors (like Aaliyah, Michael Jackson, Prince, and so on). And that these individuals lacked the understanding of the role that Ancestors play in our lives.

The role, that our ancestors play in our lives, is to be the connection points between you and the Source. Without the experiences of our ancestors, we would be without direction, or hallow two dimensional beings that lacked reasoning and understanding beyond their current lives.

With great power, does come great wisdom... but there is also a double-edge sword to these spiritual connecting points.

Negative experiences, unfortunately, are also embedded into the genetic blueprint of our being and consciousness. And this... my dear readers, brings me back to my point of this article.

What Goes Around, Goes Around, Goes Around

Have you ever gone a day without eating your breakfast, snack or lunch? Do you remember how your body felt that day? Your body probably felt pretty crappie. It probably felt drained and exhausted, and was acting like a car running on fumes.

The reason for that yucky feeling, is because your body IS running on fumes. There is not enough substance for the body to sustain itself, and to complete its daily routines. Thus, you (unconsciously) put your body into shock.

Your body has gone into survivor mode, and begins to rush/horde food into your body from the minute you finally decide to eat. Your body, by this time, is ravenously gobbling up the nutrients and putting itself into hyper drive to store is ALL away. The sugar, the toxins, the fats and the nutrients. Everything your body would normally filter away, it doesn't. It just keeps stocking everything on. It is only until the digestive system finally balances itself out, where it realizes what it has done. And then, for the next few days, your body (even if you don't notice it) is working extra hard to correct itself. Typically, in this process of self-correction, our blood levels are thrown off balance and it takes time, for our blood sugar levels to reach a healthy level.

If you constantly put your body into shock, after awhile, your body will forget how to self correct itself. And thus, your physical self will remain out of balance, and require excess health routines and life style changes to bring yourself back to balance.

Shock is an extremity. And extremities are the experiences, in which the body stores into its deepest memory (and into your DNA mapping, which, by the way, is constantly recording your life as you live it).

The tip to prevention of diabetes and high blood pressure is to have healthy snacks periodically throughout the day and drink regular glasses of clean water...

Our ancestors experienced the worst form of brutality and suffering in history. To this day, we live in a system that continues to echo the demands of the original oppressors. Our ancestors were starved, raped, beaten... dehumanized.

This is the first reason to our ailments to High Blood Pressure and Diabetes...

The Second Reason

Earlier I mentioned that " we live in a system that continues to echo the demands of the original oppressors"... well hold onto this statement, we are about to uncover a few things about our environment.

Did you ever wonder why scientists primarily work with albino lab animals? I used to think it was just because of tradition... until I realized that it was NOT due to traditional ascetics. They test with albino animals because albinos have a very low count of melanin. An animal with a low count of melanin, reacts differently than an animal with a traditional average of melanin. There are pretty much two types of beings that have a low count of melanin...

  • Albino animals
  • The white race

**Note: though an albino has a low melanin count than a non-albino animal, it still has a higher count of melanin than found in the white race. Interestingly enough, the white race does not have the albino gene. Which therefore categorizes them as not an albino version of the human race.

Certain items that are promoted heavily in westernized societies, are of items that are very dangerous to higher melanated individuals. Example: Milk Thistle is promoted to be a great supplement for the body but has an active chemical which disables melanin production.

Another example would be high levels of acidic vitamin C or high levels of synthetic vitamin D, all have dangerous effects on highly melanated individuals, while... simultaneously, is used to "strengthen the white race."

Everything natural probably is good for the body, however this issue is that the high levels of these items are... well, killing melanated people.

When I say high levels, I am not saying that eating an orange a day will kill you. I am simply say high levels of synthetic concentrated forms of these ingredients are dangerous.

Synthetics are fed to the animals we eat, poured into the water we drink, fused with the plants we eat or fused into our soil.

The Solution

You are writing your own story, in this very moment. You are gaining more insight of your own awareness, and you are realizing that the masks are being removed all around you. You are seeing things for what they really are, and in this moment, you are making a change in the "unavoidable fate" that you grew up believing you could never change.

You have the power to do and change whatever it is that you want to change, you just have to identify the lies first. Now, your next step is to develop a new lifestyle. Exercise, balance you meals according to our diets (see: Dr. Sebi), drink lots of water and focus primarily on reducing stress.

Stop saying "I can't" and stop believing what these killer doctors are trying to feed you. They do not know your body, they do not care if you exist if you get healthy. The medical industry is a business, or sub entity to the biggest corporation in the world (US). Don't fall victim to the ideology that they "care about you", when you know in your spirit that they do not.