Thursday, November 24, 2016

H2O 30 Day Challenge

I am not sure if you have noticed but we as a society tend to overcomplicate the simplest solutions. One of the biggest epidemics in the Natural Hair & Body care industries, is hair loss and acne.

We spend thousands of dollars in our lifetime, buying more products that contain more chemicals, which make the situation worse... not better. This may sound odd but if you struggle from Acne or premature Hair loss, consider changing your water for your daily beauty routines.

Tap water contains a lot of toxins that are very harmful to the body (including fluoride); and as we examined in previous articles, your skin absorbs foreign substances into your blood stream. When you take a bath, wash your face or brush your teeth, the toxins of the tap water is being absorbed into your blood stream.

The result of this is that your body becomes stressed from trying to rid itself of excess toxins. Meanwhile, your skin begins to give you warning signs that something is wrong. When something is off inside of your body, your skin is typically will be the first warning sign of what is wrong. So when you develop acne, blemishes, dry skin, premature balding... your skin is trying to let you know that something is off.

** Side note: Your hair and skin are the last areas to receive nutrients once your body absorbs it. So when you eat low nutrious foods, there is not enough nutrients in the body that can be sent to your skin or hair follicles.

Scientists have discovered that the process of producing distilled water is healthier than other types of water, to where they recommend using distilled water for newborn babies. It may seem expensive, but it really is not, a gallon of distilled water is only $0.89. We may not be able to change ALL of our water usage habits, but try to change as much as you can. The less you rely on tap water, the better.

By using distilled water, you are investing on your health. AND practicing "saving water" techniques. So take the "change the water" challenge for 30 days.... Its a win/win. While you are taking this challenge, write down the changes in a daily journal. You will be surprised in the outcome of the results of this lifestyle change.

Let me know if you tried the 30 Day challenge, I would love to hear your feedback.