Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Long Time no Speak, Times have Changed

Bonjour, Guten Tag and Good Morning!

It has been a while since we spoke, my friends. I have been on some journeys, which has provided me an excellent opportunity to review new cultures, languages, people, places, music and food. I listened to stories and actively explored new places. And now... I am back in Seattle, reaching out to you.

Before returning to the "so-called" culturally diverse city named Seattle (which is pretty much not culturally diverse... I'll explain later), I was blessed with the opportunity to stay in London for 3 months. Most of my time was spent in Brixton (a historic area where Caribbean migrants settled in London). I did live in England many years before this visit but it has been over 10 years since I landed in that country.

I have to say, that in the 10 years since I had last been in London, the Black British roots in London, are being wiped out. As a youth in London, I remember the city being filled with black-owned businesses, festivals and community events. But now... all the places that I used to hangout in (particularly East London and Stratford) have become skeletons of what they were. So, many "out of business" signs have been constructed throughout those areas. So many building structures that play apart in our history in England, have been demolished.

I couldn't help but notice, when I wandered around the city, that it was an eeriness to the changes, that echoed the events that went on in America.

We are being washed out of history...

When I returned to Seattle, the same events in London, continued to be happening in this city. A city where the runaway slaves fled to for refuge, before the European settlers "discovered" the Northwest. A city where my family lived in for many years. When I returned to Seattle, the local white Americans looked at me as if "I did not belong there"... it was in this moment of realization, when I understood my next move as a journalist...

When I originally created this blog, there was no resources to support information about bettering your well-being naturally as a sister or a brother. So, as I did research for myself, this blog became my intention to simply share my discoveries across the world wide web, in hopes of reaching a potential reader. I honestly never expected to uncover as much information as I did, about our hair and our appearance, nor did I ever imagine that there would be so many readers interested in what I discovered.

This blog, became a platform to share TRUTHS to the best of my knowledge. The TRUTHS that I seek out, are the TRUTHS of my direct ancestors, which hail from Black History. (Black History, is in reference to the line of descendants since the importation of their Ancestors, African slaves)

Just as I did when this blog was created, I still want to share with you about the truths that I uncover. And to the best of my work-a-holic abilities (lol), I plan to keep you updated with history, stories and information related to the Topic of Natural and Nappy.

In regards to the KERNE Magazine publication... this magazine will be a platform where I will share truths outside of our history in appearance. Just as I have dug deep into understanding the Whys of Black hair, I plan to find out the WHYS of our current black situation.

With that said, like the KERNE Facebook page, to keep up-to-date with new events or the official launch date of this publication

Thank you again for being loyal readers.

Blessed. :-)