Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear Readers

Just wanted to write a quick letter to my readers. I wanted to
appologize for not posting up any new articles recently...

Sadly, I have been stuck into a Writer's Block Faze...

(A disadvantage to being deep into studies and researching, as well as
trying out experiments and tests...)

Lately, I have been trying out a lot of experiments with natural
products and chemical products for my "Raw Hair Foodist Diary". Its
taking more resources and time than I orginally thought. So between
that, and other areas of research, as well as living life, of course...

Its been tough.

The good news is that...

I have some unfinished articles that will be posted up, sometime in our
near future...

Other than blog action day... the articles don't have a set deadline.

For those who are members of blog log... please feel free to become a
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For those not a member of blog log. I will add a subscription box, so
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Thank you for your support, by reading my articles. Hope that you will
remain my constant reader.

Much love and respect....

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Q: From Honeylips: (regarding her hair falling out) She
stated that she is afraid to cut off her hair because everyone else is so obsessed over her hair length though she is having a serious case of hair breakage...

A: Your hair has already given you an answer, because its falling out in chunks, etc. You, as stated, have already done a lot of damage to your hair. And the constant breakage means that the chain of damage has probably gone up through most of the hair strand.

Its up to you to make the final decision. But it might be good to consider that:

1) Its your hair, not theirs. Right now you have to deal with constant hair breakage. If the hair damage continues on a long term basis, who knows what new effect might arise.

2) At this point, your hair is still growing. Whatever damage that you have done to your hair (in the hair strand areas) is mostly likely permanent. Which means you could go through a hair detoxing treatment, but your hair (that you refused to cut off) wont be as healthy as it could be.

With those points to consider, my suggestion is that you do chop it off, but not dramatically. I recommend using a transition hair style.

A transition hair style is used to hide the real hair to allow the real hair underneath to grow naturally without the use of heavy chemicals.

So this is where braids, cornrows and weaves come in handy as a great hair fixer upper...

As long as the hair dresser does not put them in too tight, with can also leave to breakage, (remember your hair is delicate) you can wear these styles until your hair naturally grows to a comfortable enough length (or when you are spiritually ready to let go) and cut your damaged hair off.

During and afterwards, I recommend changing the lifestyle that you have regarding your usual food intake and hair food (and product) intake.

Increasing the amount of vegetables, fruits and complicated grains (lowering the intake of meat) not only helps your body heal itself, but helps give your body enough nutrients to send to your hair follicle to grow more hair. Remember growing hair, is like the last priority to your body. So the nutrients sent to your hair and nails is the lesser amount compared to what the rest of your body receives.

A good example of that is looking at the African American Slaves... they lived with eating a very poor diet and poor hygiene for a long time. Along with their extreme measures to straighten their hair, and head diseases that arose, the lack of nutrition was also seen as a cause for their rapid hair loss.

The more good things that we put into our bodies, the more good nutrients is sent to all areas of our bodies.

Other than a change of diet within your body. Changing the diet for your hair is also important. This allows your hair to get nutrients both from the inside and the outside. I recommend using Raw Shea Butter and creating Raw Hair Shampoo and Conditioner recipes...

Hope my answer helps. For some resources, check out:

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