Monday, August 13, 2007


Q: My lil 8 year old son has excema; would this dry skin recipe work well for that skin condition? If so, what is and where does one purchase the comfrey?

A: For this particular situation. External treatments are not necessarily the best solution. It probably would be best looking into changing your diet or lifestyle. Changing your diet (or rather your son's diet) would be a form of treatment at the root source rather than treating the after results.

There have been cases, where people were diagnosis with an illness (including Excema) and decided to incorporate a larger amount of vegetables, fruits, water, and complicated grains in their diets, as well as cut out red meat, and lower their intake of meat and fish. The result for them was that their illnesses were cured.

When you incorporate more veggies, fruits, and complicated grains into your body, your body is given the ingredients it needs in order to create ITS OWN HOMEMADE treatment. Usually that treatment consists of a natural "detox".

When your body goes through "detox", it pushes out everything that it doesn't want. The result is first 2 to 3 months of your body going through a withdraw faze, since you no longer eat a lot of junk food. The other result is that your skin becomes radiant, your system internally has cleared FULLY up (and not drastically) so your organs begin to function correctly.

In my own personal case, I had not been menstruating for 3 years and my liver had a lot of damage. Not enough to operate, but enough for me to be screaming in pain once and a while. Since I became vegetarian (or eating an 80% non meat diet, while leaving 20% to fish and occasionally poultry), my body has balanced back and is going back to normal, and I am no longer in the pain that I use to be.

To add to my change of lifestyle, I am using natural cosmetics on my body. Its a slow conversation, but the result, my scars and blemishes are fading and my skin looks radiant and smooth (as well as soft... no make up required).

So to sum this up. In your case, changing your lifestyle to a much more healthier diet as well as incorporating external treatments (you use the external methods as an additional way of treatment rather than relying on it fully).

A: You can purchase the "comfrey" online. It probably would be better to order the "essential oil " from an online facility. If not fresh or dried herb leaves and root.

Good Resources to check out are:

(note: A RAW Foodist diet, is considered an extreme but gives you a good example on the effects)

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i actually appreciate the "belated" response because that means you've put much thought and research into it! i shall begin the dietary change tomorrow; i know it will be met with much whining and "i hate that"; but as the pediatriction (sp) says, it takes at least 6 tries for a food to become i shall update you on his progress.....your blog is so helpful!

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