Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dear Readers

Just wanted to write a quick letter to my readers. I wanted to
appologize for not posting up any new articles recently...

Sadly, I have been stuck into a Writer's Block Faze...

(A disadvantage to being deep into studies and researching, as well as
trying out experiments and tests...)

Lately, I have been trying out a lot of experiments with natural
products and chemical products for my "Raw Hair Foodist Diary". Its
taking more resources and time than I orginally thought. So between
that, and other areas of research, as well as living life, of course...

Its been tough.

The good news is that...

I have some unfinished articles that will be posted up, sometime in our
near future...

Other than blog action day... the articles don't have a set deadline.

For those who are members of blog log... please feel free to become a
member of my community... that way you can easily see when I post up a
new article.

For those not a member of blog log. I will add a subscription box, so
you can easily see when a new posting has arrived on "Natural and
Nappy", if you don't want to become a memeber of blog log.

Thank you for your support, by reading my articles. Hope that you will
remain my constant reader.

Much love and respect....

1 comment:

Seattle Slim said...

Your blog is so positive for sisters like myself with natural hair and those with chemically treated hair. I hope to read more of your posts and thanks for stopping by my blog :)