Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hmmm... where was I...????

{10 years later... she returns to the scene...} Yes I'm back, belated entrance and all. I return... about 5 months later, to finally updated my log... And yes, new articles have also returned. I took the past... almost half a year, to experiment on some new herbs; new recipes; research more books; more history; as well as try to find a direction for my personal life; and do a few new drawings here and there.

Oh, here are a couple of pieces I drew up for some peeps, by the way... (you know I'm gonna have to show and tell)

I'm sorry that I flopped on the 'Blog Action Day' article. Once again... lots of drama... can't completely plan how life is going to work.

So enough of the... "sorry's" or "where I have I been's". Now that everything has been explained, lets get back to being "Natural & Nappy"

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