Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Warning: Do Not Go To This Online Store

Ok. So this store, never refunded my money. Never tracked my package. Nothing. They never sent a confirmation letter. And basically screwed me over.

So if you don't want to go through this. I recommend NEVER ordering ANYTHING from these pricks.

Crab Apple S.F. Should be renamed 'A Crap Apple of Pricks'

[And their products are questionable.]


Rich said...

Note to self -- never shop at crabapple

I was going through old posts and realized I've never been to your spot. I like your artwork, if you have any for sale, I would be interested in talking to you. Click the email link at my spot and hit me up. The link is at the top of the section entitled La Blog Familia. I'm serious. So don't sleep on me.

Siditty said...

I have ordered from them before, I had to get on them to ship my order. I think the excuse was that the water was out they couldn't send my stuff. My thing is why didn't you email me to let me know it was going to be delayed. When I received my order, they messed it up and overcharged me on somethings. I didn't even fight it. The shea butter didn't seem all that good of quality. I would suggest going to here as I have had no problems with shipping or receiving my products. In terms of oils and stuff I am sticking with this place. Again I have had no real issues with them.

Ericwipe287 said...

Yeah, my friend also told me same.

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