Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The wonderful... the fantasic... and super... Avocado

The wonderful, as well as under rated, fruit of the world is the 'Persa Americana'. (Commonly known as the avocado)

The avocado originally came from Mexico, Central America and Guam. It was in 1750, when the trading of the avocado began. Since then, the fruit has been shipped by the millions, and grown in different tropical regions around the world.

The leaves of the avocado tree, contain a fatty acid called Persin.

Persin is toxic to both human and animals (extremely more hazardous to animals since their digestive system is weaker).

The fruit, however, (though still hazardous to birds) is extremely nutritious to people... both inside and out.

The Avocado fruit meat, contains about 21 grams of fat (mostly mono saturated fat). It also is rich in potassium (60% more than bananas) and fiber. The meat of the avocado fruit also contains vitamins E, B, and K.

Because of the avocado's natural oils and fat. The avocado fruit is a great meat substitute for vegans.

Cosemetically, the avocado's natural fatty acids is also a fantasic substance for the hair and body, by conditioning and nourshing the dry hair and skin. ( don't belive the hype about 'fat' being bad in the cosemetic and beauty industries)

The Avocado seed (aka pit) is also very beneficial to the skin. Since the pit contains a lot of nourishing and replenishing properties, by itself. It acts as a gentle exfolliant.

So, so far... the avocado is excellent for the inner make-up of the body, as well as wonderful for the exterior part of our bodies... "what else is there??"

...hmmm.... sex.

The word "Avocado" derives from the spainish word "aguacate"; which derived from the Nahuatl (Aztec) word "ahuacatl"... which means... "testicle". (It was mainly named 'testicle' due to the shaping of the fruit)

In the Aztecian age, many of the Aztecian people, believed that the "ahuacatl" (or Avocado) was a fertility food, or a sexual stimulant. And should not be consumed, unless the consumer wished to be... well... sexual.(So... it was basically not consumed by any man wishing to preserve a more... decent and composed image)

"So, is there any truth to this Aztecian folk lore?" You ask...

Well... yes and no.

There isn't actual proof, that I'm aware of anyway, of the avocado being such a great sexual stimulant, that a man would need to walk around with big folders and books near his crotch.

*[However, please consider that the diet and lifestyle of an Aztecian warrior was much more different then how we live today. Firstly, their enviroment was cleaner... pollution wise, anyways. Second, their diet was organic and rich with wholesome foods... other than the occasional boar heart or blood dripping organ]

For us, in this day and age. 'Essential fatty acids' (usually found in oily fish; nuts; seed; liver oils; pulses; beans; evening primrose; and unrefined vegetable oils) are known to stimulate sexual hormone production (in men). And also, Vitamins E and B6 may help increase 'sperm count'. (Along with increasing an overall healthy diet, cutting out drugs, smoking and large alcohol intakes)

Essential Fatty acids, Vitamins E and B are found inside the avocado fruit. So, theoretically, the avocado probably could work extremely well as a sexual stimulant...

Of course, unless anyone is willing to put that theory to a test... I guess we'll never know.

To end this article I give the "avocado" 3 cheers for all of its benefits.

*Good Resources on this article are:
  • Healing Remedies by Norman Shealy MD, PhD
  • Wikipedia
  • The Herbal Spa Book by Breedlove


Mahoganydymond said...

WOW.... I didn't know that is was that healthy. I love Avocado.

Cmon Screaming MiMi! said...

I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE AVOCADOS. About a year ago a friend of mine wanted guacomole, so we made some adn since then I have been eating like 7 a week! and all that you are saying is true! My natural hair is growing super fast!