Tuesday, August 5, 2008


The last article, was quite dark. I thought that I cleared out my beauty closet enough until I researched for that article... So goodbye Neutrogena Oil-Free facial scrub and cleanser. I can no longer put you on my face, now that I know that I'm putting Cetyl Alcohol on my face, too. [ That goes for your moisturizers and lotions, too]

The alternatives???

Option 1: Make your own products...

  • Advantages ~ the product will be the best quality you can ever get... even the most expensive products can't compare to that.

  • Disadvantages ~ can be time consuming. Might have to rearrange your lifestyle.
My favorite websites to get supplies from:

~ I like this guys because they follow up with emails and invoices to make sure the package was delivered. They also deliver quite quickly AND give you a tracking number.

~ Located in Seattle, Wa. But they also do business online. Very nice people. They even teach classes on Certified Herbology. They have a lovely book selection. AND THEY ARE NOT CULTISH... so I don't feel like I am going into a devil worshiping store. The environment is laid back, clean and friendly.

Option 2: Alternative over the counter products, from natural cosmetic companies like LUSH

  • Advantage~ Products are natural and there are even some that are vegan!

  • Disadvantages~ A bit pricey. Not the greatest cosmetic quality compared to homemade products.

Hope this lifted up your spirit since the last post....

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Luis said...

I also don't like neutragenas products. I will go with Dandelion Botantical.

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