Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Q&A: Curly Afro (Part 2)

Q: thanks a lot for the suggestions. I think I am going to keep
twisting. But I did have a question. How do you make your own hair

~ Holly

A: Your very welcome, and...

I developed my own recipes from researching into herbology and basic
'homemade' body care product recipes. From looking at the results of the
recipes and tweaked it to my own standards.


A basic shampoo recipe is:

~1/2 cup of organic castile soap
~ 10 drops of essential oils (your choice)
~ 1 cup of water.

I looked at that recipe and realized that it wouldn't have enough base
or body for my kind of hair. So I researched into different types of
plants that would give my hair nutrients, body, and keep it

A great research starting point is...

"Beauty By Nature" by Brigitte Mars

She teaches you details about how your body works and techniques on how
to care for it. She also analyzes different herbs that are good for herbalist beginners (like, general herbs that you can find in grocery stores, local herb shops, etc). And shares some basic recipes.

The best hair care products that you could ever use, are ones that you make yourself from your own sun-infusing kitchen. Everyone has their own expectations on what a hair or body care product should do.

But here is another basic recipe:

* Hair food:
3/4 cup shea butter
10 drops of your choice of essential oils
add a cup of herbs (of your choice) to infuse into the oil mix. (then drain them before placing mixture in a container.

(Melt butter on the lowest heat, until butter is liquefied. Add in
essential oil. Then place mix in a container, put in fridge to harden)

At this time, I am not going to post up my recipes that I have been developing. But if you ever have any more questions, feel free to ask.

** Another tip, is to keep your products vegan and chemical-free for better results.

On a slightly other note...

If you are in the Seattle Area, in September. There's a Natural Hair Meet Up Group getting together
on the 20th. I'll be there and I will be giving a
presentation on things that I found out... if you want to come along, you can
holla at me

My AOL name is:
Pinky White01


and another good book is " the herbal spa" by Breedlove

Hope that I helped.


Natural and Nappy

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