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Analyzing A Statement

Straightened Hair
Straightened Hair
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Nappy Hair

The famous claim is:

" Nappy hair is unmanageable and Straight hair is easier to maintain."

I decided to test that theory out... to see for myself if it was true or not.

Below are two charts that shows, on average, what a black woman usually spends on hair products, hair equipment, time with maintaining her hair, and visits to the hair salon. Please, compare:

[*Side Note: I do want to point out, the nappy hair product list is very short (it does NOT include afro sheen or any other crap). This is not an under estimate, this is really all that you need to maintain your nappy hair.

The stuff you see in the local store, or on black hair websites, are "unnecessary" products that have been promoted only to make a profit off of the "uninformed" people...

Most African Descendants (from all over the world, especially in the westernized countries) have generally forgotten how to take care of their own hair from years of oppression and insecurities.

So, the 'so-called' Black Hair industry uses that 'lack of knowledge' and insecurities to manipulate people into buying their useless products (that in the long run do more damage than good).

So please don't buy that crap. Just learn more about your hair and then, you'll see what I am talking about

To get a general idea we need to know the statistics...

75% of black women in America straighten their hair either with a 'relaxer' or a hot comb. Out of that 75%, about 65% of them wear weaves (extensions, pony tails, full headed weave, etc) as well as get their hair regularly straightened.

Here's a scenario...

Mary, goes to the hair salon every pay day (which is every 2 weeks). Out of the two visits of the month, she only gets her hair weaved once a month. The other visit, she gets her weave removed. Whilst she is there, she gets her regular hair 'touch up'.

For the rest of the month, she self styles her hair with her usual products (Shampoo, Oil Moisturizer, Gel, Spritz, Conditioner, Hair Grease, Setting lotion, Anti Frizz Spray, and curling papers). She usually runs out of her supply about every 2 months.

Mary already, spent $281.42 on her equipment. On her usual supplies she spends $36.32 every two months. On her regular hair salon appointments she spends $420 a month.

So, Mary averages out spending $5257.92 per year on... her hair???

Lets compare with Lisa, who has natural hair.

Lisa also goes to the hair salon twice a month, to get her hair twisted (double strains) for both visits. For the rest of the month, she self styles her hair. Lisa owns the basics as her equipment: two combs, spray bottle (that she fills with water), and a night scarf. She uses only Shea Butter, shampoo, and conditioner as her regular supplies. Lisa usually requires a refill of her products, every two months.

Lisa spent $13.89 on equipment, and each month she spends $110 at the hair salon, as well as $20.48 on supplies every two months.

Lisa ends up spending $1442.82 a year on her hair.

From getting those totals, it is obvious to assume that "Straightened Hair, not Nappy Hair, that is more unmanageable." Or harder to maintain because it averages taking the larger amount of time and money. This isn't to say that natural hair styles don't take a long time. The more eccentric a style the longer it takes to make, of course. But for this example, both the natural and straightened hair styles are fairly basic (e.g. Lisa usually braids back her hair into a cornrow style, while Mary curls her hair into a bobbed hair style).

In the end, however... Once you know and understand your hair, maintaining it would never be a problem. After researching all of this, I have come to realize that not only is the statement not true, but its actually more of a subtle cry of uncomfortably.

Most of us are uncomfortable to step outside the box for a change, which is normal... its human nature.

I hope that this will help you get a larger picture on seeing that going natural isn't as scary as it looks...


*On a Side Note: I can't help but think about all those women who have 'relaxed' and weaved their hair for 30 years or so. If they were any thing like Mary, that would mean that they have dumped a total of $157,737.60 (give or take a couple years of price inflation) on... their hair???

That's like a down payment on a house!!!!! ...Or in some places, thats 2 houses!!!!!

I also can't help but think about all those times when my mom, my sister, and I were short on cash. If I realized then what I know now, we wouldn't have had to struggle so hard.

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Bohemian Hippie Chick said...

Girl, nappy hair rules!!

Having and maintaining natural hair is much cheaper. I spend about $20 on my hair each month. All I use is; Olive oil, Suave clarifying shampoo and conditioner and a spray bottle filled with water and a few drops of glycerine. I'm freeforming dreadlocks and I twist them every once in a while. I have never liked salons, always opted to take care of my hair on my own.

No way in this world I'd spend thousands of dollars on my hair...that's truly insane!