Friday, July 27, 2007

Video: "Good and Bad Hair" (song)

This is a clip from the famous Spike Lee movie, 'School Daze'. The song is called Madame Re-Re's Salon~ 'Good Hair and Bad Hair'.

It shows in a few minutes, tunes and words a major ongoing issue Black people around the world is arguing about... even in this day. For over 300 years or so, we have argued about who's hair is better. From the beginning of an African American Child's life, even when the child is still in the mother's womb, the family argues over whether or not the baby is going to have supposedly 'good' hair (loosely curled/wavy and long hair, usually obtained by an individual of an interracial inheritance) or 'bad' hair (a constant referral of Nappy/Kinky hair, which is mostly found on an African or African descendant).
The overlooked fact is, the only type of 'good' hair, is hair that is healthily and 'bad' hair is hair that is balding, breaking or seriously damaged. Texture of the hair is NOT a way to define hair quality. In the end, your hair is your hair.


The Humanity Critic said...

I love this movie, Spike is a genius..

hottnikz said...

Yes, thank you, I've always hated when black people refer to our hair as "good" or "bad". Why is anything and everything that is natural and beautiful about our culture viewed as bad or ugly in our own eyes?

That term is as almost as bad as "She's pretty to be dark skinned". Almost.

surjit said...

Thanks Latoya, for adding your valuable thoughts on my post.I really value your particpation.
My best wishes.

coloredgirlswhohaveconsidered said...

Amen, IMO good hair is hair that does what I want it to do. If I choose to press,perm, weave, or wear it natural, if that's good for me, then I've got good hair. What gets under my skin is sistha's who feel that because they wear their hair natural, they have the privilege to talk down to another sistha who doesn't subscribe to their hair choices. That somehow if a black woman chooses to perm or weave her hair that she is out of touch with reality.

Latoya said...

To "colouredgirlswhohaveconsidered":

As I mentioned in this article, 'Your Hair is Your Hair'. Nobody has the right to judge you because you choose to wear your hair a certain way... What benefit would be gained from you being singled out and judged by another individual??? Most likely, you wouldn't be interested in learning any more about the subject, and choose to continue living without knowledge of 'why' or 'what' we are doing. So the next time someone judges you directly about how you wear your hair. You should 'catch them' on it, and put them in their place. In the end... we are all imperfect humans, struggling or trying to "get by".

By the way. Just wanted to remind everyone about where I am at mentally...

I believe that " Ignorance is more dangerous than blissful."

"I Am Not Here To Convert You... Just here to share the truth about our black hair and the cosmetic industry. With that knowledge, or incite, you should make up your own minds about what you want to do with your hair and body."


I am Loving each one of these comments by the way. Hope to see more. :-)