Saturday, July 7, 2007

Lets Go Natural, People!!! (My Introduction)

A lot of people don't understand my joy, I guess. Its 2007 and STILL having nappy hair isn't excepted in society... I find that strange.

I notice the looks that I get from various people. The uncomfortable look, of a lack of understanding. Perhaps you know what I am talking about. Where people think your appearing too PROUD for wearing your own hair... or having, even, a confident attitude.

Whats amazing is that these LOOKS mostly come from my fellow African Americans... NOW THAT IS STRANGE...

So what IS wrong with me wearing my hair, the way it naturally grows? And whats wrong with having a content attitude?

I feel really good going natural. In fact, I feel SO MUCH MORE CONFIDENT, these days, that I am finding that I prefer more things in my life to be natural and healthy (beauty products, food, etc) rather than the " popular and excepted".

So what is the "Popular and excepted"? The "popular and expected" are the ones without questions. Its like me following a mass of people jumping off of a jagged cliff edge without ever asking the question... why?!

For Example:

We live in a society, where the moment "iphone" came out, thousands of people ran out to buy a $600 phone (on top of paying the extra fee, to end their previous contracts) to join a crappy network (AT&T).

What happened to asking questions and finding the logic in our actions?

If those same people waited before acting, they might have actually thought:

"Hmmm, the life expectancy of a phone is around 6 months to a year. Would it really be wise for me to spend, roughly $1100 on a phone that hasn't worked out its problems yet? As well as, go to an unreliable network, just because, I want the latest (not necessarily the greatest) phone. Am I really not satisfied with having a $400 ipod and a $399 blackberry????"*

Just like our methods with purchasing luxury items. Our methods of treating our bodies, are (in my opinion) worse!

Our hair and appearance says a lot about an individual. Everyday, women put themselves through horrible forms of toucher, just to look beautiful (like relaxing their hair). Personally... I find that looking beautiful for being natural, is more sufficient than getting liposuction...

This is a blog about being Natural (no matter your skin color) and showing off your naps (if you have any). Lets us try something different. Especially in a time when everyone is becoming health conscious. Why not allow our eyes to open up a bit more, so that we see that its not only fruits and vegetables that we need to be adding to our lives.

Lets try to evolve into being a more NATURAL SOCIETY...

Please feel free to email me photos, of hair styles and looks or messages...

Lets spread the word...

*Every year, in America, millions throw away millions of dollars, just because the magazines, TV, and radio (don't forget billboard, etc.) said that we should buy it!!!! MOST of those products or purchases were totally unnecessary. In fact, if the products were cosmetics and food, a lot of the items we pick out are actually damaging. Without really stopping and thinking about it, we buy it! And MAYBE regret it later...

{P.S. if your heart is set on purchasing the new "iphone", try waiting 6 months. Like every cell phone thats ever existed, the rates or prices drop, incredibly. Thats also around the time when you see the contract bargains, for giving the phone away for free or to sell the phone for a third of its original cost. A good example of phone prices being cut, would be the "T-Mobile Side Kick". In the end of the day, are you really more interested in buying a cell phone that will last you 6 months to a year, or putting $1100 to something else?}


Brooklynn said...

I absolutely LOVE this blog.

I've been going natural since August 08. I just started wearing my fro out about 3 days ago (today is day 4 yay) but I understand exactly what you mean. I adore how beautiful women look when they're natural i.e. India.Arie, Erykah Badu, Angie Stone, Jill Scott, Lisa Bonet, etc but I don't think people really understand what it's like being natural. Somehow natural hair is frowned upon and we do get these weird looks from our fellow African American men and women. For example, the first day that I wore my fro out, guys I knew were like "I knew it was you but I thought to myself that it couldn't be you because you had the short hair thing going on with your scarf around your head -- I didn't know your hair was THAT short." No doubt I was upset ( especially because I didn't get a change to do my twist out so I had this really awful fro lol) but I understood that he was ignorant because he didn't understand where I am in my life and the process I am going through with my hair.

...But what also made me happy was that another sistah commended me on my fro. I love seeing another sistah ... it makes me feel empowered and a part of something bigger than me .. a movement of Sistahs and Brothas! It's just something all women and men with naural hair can connect and identify with. I really didnt know why -- well have a reason why I went natural UNTIL reading this blog.... I look forward to reading more

akeba said...

Hi my name is Akeba. I have been growing my locs for six years now and I love my natural hair. I wouldnt go back to permed hair for anything.. It is funny how society can sometimes look down upon you for having locs and especially from our own people.African women do tend to give you the most disgusting looks sometimes which i really hate because i find myself getting kind of defensive about that. What I have come to realize is that they are jealous because they too deep down desire to be natural they just dont have the strength or the positive energy to go through the transformation. I just want wish our people would wake up sometime and stop being so judgmental. I Get more compliments on my hair from white people then i do from black people and thats kind of hard to believe sometimes.