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From MoopieLips:

"Help my hair is dry and frizzy!"

A: Most likely the reason your hair is dry and frizzy, is from the use of chemicals you may have been placing in your hair... from hair food/oil, hair shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, etc.

These products, usually contain chemicals that contradict the products' actual purpose, by drying out the scalp and stripping the hair of its natural oils, and nutrients (especially when water touches the hair and scalp).

A good thought is that its easy to fix...

Depending on your 'hair structure' use the correct type of 'natural conditioning herbs and minerals' to help put back what was stripped away.


Use 'Sweet Almond Oil' (as a base) and mix with a few other herbs (such as rosemary essential oil and Calendula oil). Remove any pieces in the formula after the ingredients have been blended. This mix will result in being a lite oil blend. Which is a perfect conditioner for individuals with naturally straight or loosely wavy hair. This blend wont be to heavy a substance on the hair. It will also absorb into the scalp and hair strands, not leaving extra oil residue. (Best used for people with more Asian and Caucasian type hair)

For individuals with relaxed hair (which is originally curly and/or nappy), curly hair, and nappy hair. It is better to use "Unrefined Organic Shea Butter" as a base. This type of hair conditioner is much heavier but absorbs very well, and conditions (as well as heals) the hair and scalp.

Both examples of replacement conditioners, are excellent when blended in with other herbs and minerals.

Conditioners should be used after hair has been washed (with just a natural shampoo) and is still damp. This allows the "sweet almond oil', or "Shea Butter" to lock in the moisture (in both hair and scalp). This will leave your hair healthier and very soft.

* Side Note: Olive oil is a good in between base, from an extremely dry scalp to oily.

Hope this helps to give you a good idea with getting rid of the 'frizz'...

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