Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Playing The Guinea Pig

So from 2008 to present day, I have been conducting a series of personal experiments on myself. I became a "Mad Scientist", determined to find answers to my own personal questions.

A couple of assignments were completed. While some, are still are still being worked on. I needed answers, and became willing to sacrifice myself (as the lab rat) to find them.

I had a series of theories, like:

  1. Would my body thrive better on a "Vegan Cosmetic Diet", or would the results be the same if I used other types of ingredients?
  2. What would happen if I went "back" to using store bought products, after being on a Vegan Hair/Body Diet for a year or two? Would the product benefits on the container labels, give me good results? Or back fire?
  3. Is chemically altered hair, permanently altered and bounded to using a cycle of chemicals to maintain it?
  4. Can relaxed hair successfully be locked? Or do you really need to chop it all off?

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