Monday, September 20, 2010

Q & A

Sorry once again, for not keeping up on this blog, as much as I should. Anyways, I received a lot of questions, so I figured I should share the questions and answers with everyone:

1. What is the best way in finding the best 'hair care remedies'?

ANSWER: The best BASIC hair food known to this planet will always be:

A combination of shea butter; coco butter; rosemary extract; and basil extract. Shea Butter will always be a great base for nappy/natural hair, due to its properties, along with Coco butter. But did you know that Rosemary and Basil has great properties of their own? Basil naturally boosts your natural color; whilst rosemary that fills your hair with a great balance of vitamins and minerals to keep your scalp well fed with a healthy nutritional diet.

Essentially, products that you buy over the counter, are going to sit on your scalp causing a collection of gross residue. The ingredients I listed above, will absorb into your hair strands and scalp, giving you a better result. Without that nasty greasy hair.

When your buying hair products, look at the ingredients on the bottle, like you would if you were buying food to eat at a grocery store.

The following ingredients will always be a BIG "no no" for a choice of 'hair food':

  • Mineral Oil
  • Fragrance
  • Petroleum

These listed ingredients will cause WAY more damage than good. Mineral Oil, for example, will 'dry out the scalp' even further, rather than keeping it properly moisturized.

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